The GE Cafe Refrigerator Water Filter

We all know that in order to survive we need to drink water as our bodies consist of about 65% it.  As we constantly lose water in the body’s processes of elimination, primarily urine and sweat, we have to constantly replace it. It is recommended that we drink about two liters of water every day.

These days, not all available water is of the best quality and much of the world’s water is polluted and full of chemicals and other waste. Bottled water has become popular and has made a lot of money for those who sell it. Bottled water can be expensive but serves as a solid go-to option when your out and about.  The goal for many of us is to have an efficient water filtration system in our home.

Even though the water piped to your home has been treated, the true purity of the water in your taps cannot be guaranteed. Investing in a good water filter will ensure that you and your family will not be drinking water which has traces of any number of chemicals, and microorganisms.

Refrigerators these days often have systems which dispense cold water for drinking. The better models such as the GE Cafe Refrigerator include an efficient filter as well.

GE cafe refrigerator water filter

Details of the GE RPWFE Refrigerator filter

The GE RPWFE water filter is certainly one of the most efficient fridge filters available today, which is why it is also one of the best-selling brands on the market. The quality and specifications speak for themselves.

The rpwfe filters are manufactured from high-quality materials which when water passes through the filter, chemical compounds including heavy metals such as lead and mercury plus other contaminants which are often found in tap water, are filtered out.

Pharmaceutical residues such as progesterone, ibuprofen trimethoprim and fluoxetine and the residue of some pesticides are also commonly found, however, these are not by any means present in all water sources.

Some of these pollutants are commonly found in much of the world’s potable water. They are filtered out by a special filtration system. Waterborne microorganisms are also filtered out but the important minerals are retained.

The GE Cafe refrigerator water filter has a filter canister which is easily replaced with the GE rpwfe filter. This filter canister has a nozzle for easy installation and it can be attached to the filter slot on the fridge. It is not necessary to remove the whole unit in order to do this. The water does not need to be turned off and no special tools are required.

The dimensions of the replacement ge rpwfe filter are 1.8 inches x 1.8 inches x 9.8 inches and it weighs just 7.2 ounces which makes it easy to work with.

There is a six-month warranty on the GE water filter RPFWE model which covers repairs and replacements. Terms and Conditions apply.

The price of the rpwfe replacement filter depends on the retailer, but about $48.00 and $52.00 is average. This is quite expensive but the canister lasts six months or 300 gallons. If you do the math you will see how this will save when compared with bottled water. The benefits cannot be underestimated. You will be able to pour a glass of clean, pure and ice cold water at any time. The filter is reliable and efficient. It is really worth the investment.

The GE cafe refrigerator water filter will also give you heated water. The filter, however, has only to be connected to one water line. Another clever feature is the Hands-Free Auto-Fill This saves time.

You don’t have to wait around holding your glass or pitcher. The container needs only to be placed on the pullout tray and the dispenser automatically fills it with filtered water, to 90% full then switches off. There are sensors which detect the water level.


The RPWFE filter makes a reassuring sound when it is on. You will notice a few sounds as the various mechanisms switch on and off. The thermostat will control the fan speed. There is also a soft click as the defrost switches on and off. You will also hear a clunk sound as ice cubes drop into the bucket and a soft buzzing sound which lasts a couple of seconds when water is poured from the door dispenser.

All in all the guarantee of pure clean water is well worth it. Energy efficiency and savings are assured.

GE RPWFE Replacement Water Filter

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