The GE MWF Refrigerator Water Filter

Let us accept this fact, having that crystal clear water in a glass does not mean that you have clean water. Not with the many contaminants that make their way into our water reservoirs. Water companies keep improving their filtration systems, but there is just so much this mass filtration systems can do. Most of these filtration systems are only capable of destroying a number of bacteria and cysts. So what happens to trace metals such as lead, copper, aluminum and other metals? Furthermore, even traces of pharmaceutical elements such as ibuprofen have found a way into our water reservoirs.

You might already have an idea of the effect that lead can have on your body’s cells. What about the drug resistance your body acquires through the accumulation of trace drug elements. It is no wonder that one of the most precious and necessary commodity becomes one of our biggest health concerns. With such contaminants resting in that calm looking glass of water, there is the need for a solution. Fortunately, there already is a solution. You can choose to purchase a refrigerator water filter.

The General Electric MWF Refrigerator Water Filter

General Electric offers a superb brand of fridges. With the GE MWF water filter in tow, the fridge experience just got better. This handy piece of water filter is easy to use and comes with an easy to understand user guide. Listed below are just a few of the contaminants that the water filter is able to reduce or do away with from water;

• Chlorine resistant cysts.
• Chlorine and UV resistant bacteria
• Harmful traces of metals such as lead, mercury, and benzene
• A number of pharmaceutical elements such as progesterone amongst others
• Reduction of chlorine taste and odor

Features of the GE MWF Water Filter

Tight and Lock design
This design is not only convenient but also easy for any user. This reduces the possibility of users tampering with the filter package. The refrigerators filter holder also remains safe from tampering. All one has to do is insert the water filter bottle into the fridge’s holder compartment and twist, more like screwing the bottle. Once it holds leave it in place.

Assured Filtration Standards

General Electric MWF Refrigerator Water Filter is set to do what is meant to do, filtering to the maximum. With the wide range of contaminants, it is able to handle, this water filter adds to the functionality of your fridge. Using GE’s high standard it offers exceptional filtering in the form of pharmaceutical filtration and area that most filter makers overlook.

Resilient life span

The question of how long a water filter lasts and should last is always in the mind of consumers. A simple answer to both, from the perspective of this particular water filter, is the recommended six months. After six months it is advisable that you change the water filter.
Alternatively, the water filter can be changed under the six month period if it has been used to filter more than 300 gallons of water. 300 gallons in under six months? For home and general office use, that figure is astronomical.

NSF certification

One key reason to trust this brand of water filter is its NSF certification. It is one of the reasons that gives us the confidence to write about the MWF water filter. Before getting NSF certification a firm has to have shown a high level of commitment towards making a particular product safe and reliable for its consumers. With This mark of quality on the bottle you are guaranteed of the safety of this product.


This product with most of GE’s refrigerator models, including a good number of GE’s double door fridges. It does not matter how the filter is positioned, this filter can be positioned upside down or in a slanted position. As long as it is correctly screwed it will hold to the fridge and function effectively.

Final word
Water filtration is no longer a luxury, but an undeniable necessity. With pollution on the rise, contaminants will continue getting into our water sources. Yet, with solutions such as the GE MWF water filter, we can reduce the risk that comes from consuming the contaminants.

Apart from its effectiveness, this water filter is cheap and has a proven safety benchmark. With a 30-day return warranty, you should get one for yourself at the earliest convenience. You should also note that the filter market is full of alternatives and counterfeits to this products. Always make sure it is a genuine GE product before purchase. After all, if water is life, you are better off living a safe and healthy life


Details of the GE MWF Refrigerator Water Filter


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