The GE RPWFE Water Filter Review

A Review of the GE RPWFE Water Filter

Most refrigerators nowadays come with ice and water dispensers for added convenience. Because the water flows from the main supply line and through the fridge, a water filter is necessary to make sure that many of the contaminants found in ordinary tap water are taken out. The importance of a filter is measured in microns. The lower the micron rating on a filter, the smaller the contaminants the filter can take out. Most refrigerator water filters use granular activated carbon to sieve the fine particles out of the water. This method is usually rated about 20 microns.

GE RPWFE Water Filter

Ever refrigerator will need to have its water filter replaced. Usually, a water filter lasts about six months or will filter 300 gallons of water, depending on how many contaminants are in your tap water. Water filters come in many forms, from grille filters to drop down filters to slide out filters to inline filters to even bypass filters which aren’t filters at all.

The Difference Between the RPWF and RPWFE Filters

This Video explains how to actual difference between the rpwfe and rpwf is actual 1 and the same.


Bypass filters are fake filters made to trick a refrigerator from thinking it has a filter. Usually, bypass filters are used when the house itself has a filtration system. However, because house filtration systems may not remove all contaminants, using bypass filters isn’t recommended.


This article will review a particular model of water filter: the GE RPWFE water filter. This water filter is found in most of General Electric’s refrigerators. Before we dive into the review, however, it’s important to share some information about the company itself.


A Quick Overview of General Electric

General Electric (or GE for short) is a very well-known maker of home appliances. From stoves to dishwashers to ovens GE makes them all, and many consider their products to be of a high caliber.


Founded in 1892, General Electric is a multinational conglomerate based in Boston, Massachusetts. They have many operations in various fields such as aviation, global research, power, and healthcare and cater to the needs of the pharmaceutical, automotive, and engineering industries. GE is consistently seen on lists of the most profitable and largest companies.


General Electric has a rich history, from its beginnings as an electric company working with Thomas Edison, to its formation of RCA, one of the first radio distributors in the country. General Electric even build some of the earliest televisions in the United States.


However, General Electric has also run afoul of environmentalists and environmental agencies. Between 1947 and 1977, GE discharged massive amounts of polychlorinated biphenyls (a very strong pollutant) into the Hudson and Housatonic Rivers. The effects are still felt today, as both these rivers are still very much polluted. In recent years, however, General Electric has created many environmental initiatives, including partnering with solar energy companies to create a greater focus on renewables.


General Electric Refrigerators

Of the many appliances, General Electric produces perhaps the most often one sold is their many lines of refrigerators. These refrigerators come in many layout styles including side to side and freezer-on-bottom models. Their refrigerators have a long range of prices for almost any budget. Some refrigerators cost a few hundred while others may cost upwards of two thousand dollars. Their high-end refrigerators use a long, thin water filter that is usually hidden from view. Water filter models such as the GE RPWFE water filter are used by many of GE’s refrigerators today.



The GE RPWFE Water Filter

The General Electric RPWFE water filter is their latest offering in water filtration for refrigerators. It replaced the RPWF water filter, though it is of identical size and shape. The only difference between these two filters is the addition of a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip which detects leaks and monitors the filtration status. The chip is paper thin and is adhered to the back of the filter.


Because of this RFID, the refrigerator will only work with RPWFE filters. If it cannot read the radio signal or if it finds that signal missing, then it will cut off the flow of water until a suitable filter is found. While GE claims that this is for convenience, many customers dislike this change. Because all water features of the refrigerator will shut off without a filter with the RFID chip, many customers believe it is a ploy by GE to force consumers to buy only General Electric brand water filters especially since GE has now discontinued their RPWF water filters. These water filters can cost up to 40 percent more than similar, third-party water filters.


Right now, the GE RPWFE water filter costs about 50 dollars on Amazon, whereas comparable filters are usually sold for 10 to 15 dollars. However, this hasn’t stopped third party manufacturers from creating filters that can bypass the RFID signal in a novel way.


General Electric RPWFE Water Filter Review

The GE RPWFE water filter is claimed to be General Electric’s most advanced filter yet. It can filter five trace pharmaceuticals including ibuprofen, progesterone, atenolol, trimethoprim, and fluoxetine. Not only that, but it can filter out contaminants such as mercury, cysts, lead, asbestos, and a wide variety of pesticides and chemicals. It also filters any taste of chlorine left by treatment plants, large particles, and any off odors.

GE Refrigerator Water Filter

The GE RPWFE filter comes in a very long, fragile bottle. However, because of differences in refrigerators, the bottles are shaped slightly differently at the bottom. Despite this, they are all the same filter. This filter is easy to install and remove and doesn’t require the use of tools.


You will need to do a little research to make sure the filters shape is compatible with your refrigerator. Both Amazon and General Electric provide tools to help you identify which filter shape you need by using your refrigerator’s model number.


Customers are very satisfied with this product. Currently, on Amazon, the GE RPWFE filter has 4.3 stars out of 5 with other 800 ratings. Customers are euphoric with the easy installation and the clean taste of their water. This filter has a six-month life and can filter about 300 gallons depending on the number of contaminants in your tap water. As of this writing, the GE RPWFE filter can be bought for $49.93 in a single pack, or for $102.99 for a two pack on Amazon. If you go directly to the General Electric website, you can also buy this filter in a three pack for $149.75.


Third Party Replacement Filters

Because of the filter’s high price, there are a few companies that have used this opportunity to make non-General Electric water filters for General Electric refrigerators. One of these companies is Excelpure. They sell a water filter that can replace both the RPWF water filter and the RPWFE water filter. These filters are significantly inexpensive. For the price of one General Electric RPWFE water filter, you can buy four of Excelpure’s replacement filters. It’s not only Excelpure that is selling replacement filters for General Electric refrigerators, but many other third party brands are also doing so as well.


These filters and consumers use a flaw in General Electric’s RFID technology to use non-GE filters in their fridges. The RFID chip is attached to the RPWFE filter with a sticker that is easily removed. By taking this sticker off of the filter and placing it in the same position on a third party filter, the refrigerator can be tricked into using the off-brand filter. The only downside is that the chip will continue to send a signal that means the filter has to be replaced, even if it’s brand new. Your refrigerator will then continue to remind you to replace the filter. However, for many customers, this is well worth the savings.

Drinking Water


Because of this trick, it’s important also to review the filters that can replace the GE RPWFE water filter. Though they are much cheaper, do they offer the same quality filtration as an actual General Electric water filter?


Excelpure Replacement Filter

As mentioned above, Exelpure is one of the manufacturers that takes advantage of moving the RFID sticker from a GE RPWFE water filter onto theirs. Interestingly, Excelpure is the only maker of replacement filters that explicitly tells customers that they can take the RFID sticker from their old General Electric filter and place it on their filter to trick the refrigerator. They even give exact directions on how to do it in the product’s manual. Most other manufacturers of replacement filters don’t give away that information so freely, and only sell replacements for the RPWF filter which doesn’t require the chip but can be used in a refrigerator that needs an RPWFE filter if the customer knows the trick.


Excelpure’s filter contains natural coconut shell activated carbon to remove 99 percent of odors and chlorine. The filter also helps remove heavy metals such as chromium, arsenic, and lead. With BPA-free plastic materials, this filter can contribute to improving the taste of tap water. Excelpure’s filter is comparable to General Electric’s in that both will last approximately six months and filter 300 gallons. Right now, Excelpure’s filters can be bought on Amazon as a four pack for $49.99, roughly the same price as General Electric’s RPWFE water filter.

Though the filter is similar to General Electric’s, it is not exactly the same. One drawback to Excelpure’s filter is that it does not filter pharmaceuticals like the GE water filter. However, for many, this is not a significant detriment since it is very rare that tap water would require this type of filtration.


The Excelpure filter has a 3.8 out of 5 stars with 17 reviews. Customers seem to be split about the product since while most gave the product five stars, a not insignificant number gave the produce one star.


Those that gave it five stars thought that it was a beautiful thing to save so much money on water filters. They also said that the instructions to transfer the RFID sticker worked as promised, though a few had to move the sticker around a bit to find the perfect spot. Those that gave the product one star said that the procedure to switch the sticker did not work or, if it did, that the filter did not last as long as advertised or was an inferior product.

Tier1 Replacement Filter

Tier one makes replacement filters for GE RPWF, and so will not work on refrigerators that require the General Electric RPWFE water filter unless you switch the RFID sticker. Tier1 seems to only focus on the RPWF, taking advantage of the fact that GE has discontinued making that particular model of water filter. Even on their product page on Amazon Tier1 asserts that their water filters are not meant for to replace the GE RPWFE water filter. However, the reviews are packed with customers telling how the filters worked on their refrigerators after sticking the RFID sticker on it.


The Tier1 replacement filter is a very inexpensive choice for those with GE refrigerators that don’t wish to pay 50 dollars for a single water filter. Tier1 filters are available through Amazon as a single unit for $12.25, as a pack of two for $22.85, or as a pack of three for $36.40. These filters are certified by NSF International, an organization that certifies filter to make sure they provide clean water and fits refrigerator models that require either a GE RPWF or a GE RPWFE water filter. Tier1’s filter reduces chlorine taste and odor, metal particles, sand, sediment, and silt. Unlike the GE filter and the Excelpure filter, Tier1’s filter down not filter out heavy metals. Neither does it filter pharmaceuticals.

As of this writing, the Tier1 replacement filter has a 3.6 out of 5 stars with 47 customer reviews all of a wide range. Many customers complain that there is a marked difference in taste from the General Electric filters, and a few customers tell experiences of faulty filters that leaked water upon first use. However, several customers have not noticed a difference in water quality and say they would buy this brand again.

WaterSentinel Replacement Filter

The third manufacturer of replacement filters in this review, WaterSentinel’s replacement filters are perhaps the most expensive filters besides General Electric’s offering. WaterSentinal’s filters can be bought on Amazon for $68.75 for a pack of three or for $45.33 for a pack of two.


WaterSentinel’s filters are comparable to GE RWPF filters and have an activated carbon block filtration system that reduces chlorine taste and odor. Like Tier1, WaterSentinel makes no claim that their filters can be used to replace GE RPWFE water filters. They market their filters only as a replacement for General Electric’s RPWF water filters, which have been discontinued. Also, like Tier1, their reviews have customers explaining how to use these filters to replace the GE RPWFE filter.


The WaterSentinel Replacement filter reduces sediment, sand, dirt and other solid impurities from tap water and has a 5-micron filtration rating. Unlike the General Electric filter, this replacement does not filter out heavy metals or pharmaceuticals. The WaterSentinel filter is advertised to last three months depending on the amount of water usage.


With 143 ratings, the WaterSentinel has a star rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars with the majority of customers giving it five stars. Many satisfied customers explain that this filter is a good alternative to paying for a GE water filter. Many others, however, found that there was a noticeable difference in taste. Some found these filters difficult to install with customers recounting having to force the filter to fit. Others have reported major water leaks upon first use.


Golden Icepure Replacement Filter

The final filter on the list, Golden Icepure replacement filter is also the cheapest water filter reviewed. Sold on Amazon in a pack of four for $40.99, each individual feature costs just a little more than ten dollars. Boasting the same quality as GE’s RPWF, Golden Icepure’s filter uses activated carbon made from coconut husks imported from Sri Lanka to remove 99.6 percent of chlorine taste and off odors from tap water, yet it does not remove beneficial minerals.


This filter also lasts for up to 6 months or 300 gallons of water. Studies done to the Golden Icepure filter show that the filter continues to remove 98 percent of chlorine even after being used to filter 1,500 gallons of water (although the company still recommends changing your filter every six months). By using sintering technology to create the carbon filtration systems rather than the traditional extrusion method, the filter can also remove small particles of solid impurities. This filter, however, does not filter heavy metals or pharmaceuticals.


All parts of this filter are made using 3D modeling giving it a very strong structure able to resist high water pressure. The filter is also made of safe BPA-free plastic and does not contain any harmful chemicals. The plastic is also food grade and is without heavy metals.


Unfortunately, as of now, there are no reviews or ratings for this filter. The Golden Icepure filter is either a new product to Amazon or not very many people have bought it. However, theoretically, this filter (which is made to replace GE RPWF filters) can also be used to replace the GE RPWFE water filter. As for quality, not much can be said other than what the company themselves have said.


Which Filter is Right for You?

With so many choices in replacement filters, the decision of which one to use can be a difficult one full of thought and depends on what you’re comfortable with purchasing. It should be noted that General Electric’s RPWFE water filters are the highest rated water filter and are the intended filter to use for GE’s French door refrigerators. If you are more concerned with quality over price and paying 50 dollars for a single water filter doesn’t seem outrageous to you, then going with the branded filter that was intended for your refrigerator is the way to go.


However, if you are looking for a cheaper replacement for your General Electric RPWFE water filter, then you should consider one of the third party replacement filters. Just keep in mind that none of these filters removes pharmaceutical residue from your water, and only one of the bargain filters removes heavy metal. So if filtering out these impurities is important to you, then you should perhaps spend the extra money on the GE RPWFE water filter.


When it comes to which bargain filter to buy, there are several considerations one must take into account. Price is perhaps the largest factor since those that would choose a third party filter are very price conscious, to begin with. Also important is how close the third party filter gets to matching the quality of the original branded filter. Thirdly, the ratings and reviews of each water filter need to be considered to make sure you’re not buying a dud.


It should be noted that WaterSentinel makes the most expensive bargain filter. This filter does not remove heavy metals or pharmaceuticals from your water, and only removes chlorine and solid impurities. However, it has a very low micron filtration which means that it can remove almost all of these particles. Perhaps the biggest drawback is that this filter lasts only three months, about half the lifespan of every other filter in this review. For that reason, the WaterSentinel Replacement filter should be on the bottom of the list.


The cheapest filter, meanwhile, has a life span of six months and removes about 99% of chlorine and the taste and odor resulting from it. The company boasts that their filter is of the same quality as GE’s filter, but like most third party filters on this list, it does not remove heavy metal or pharmaceuticals. Another hurdle for this product is that it has no reviews on Amazon. This filter should perhaps only be purchased if you want to save money and are okay with taking a risk.


This leaves only Excelpure and Tier1 for the top third party filter. Pricewise, they are very similar. Tier1 filters are only a few cents cheaper and are the winner when it comes to saving money. When it comes filtration, however, Excelpure wins that category since, unlike Tier1’s filter, Excelpure’s filter can remove heavy metals. Finally, what it all comes down to are customer ratings and reviews. When it comes to that category, Tier one has a lower review score of only 3.6 stars, yet it should be noted that Tier1 has a greater number of ratings with 47. Excelpure, on the other hand, has a higher rating of 3.8 but a lower number of overall ratings with just 17.


If you want a good filter that will improve the quality of your drinking water, then Excelpure is the best choice. Many customers have been satisfied with the taste of their water as well as the ease of installation. If you don’t want to pay full price for the GE RPWFE water filter, then Excelpure’s third party duplicate is the best water filter for you.

Installing a GE Rpwfe Water Filter


The emissions of gas and waste products from industries and companies have significantly contributed to the pollution of the environment, climate, and mostly water. Water is life, and without water, animals and plants won’t survive. The pollution has greatly affected the lives of much, even aquatic lives. Water-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and diarrhea have largely spread, which course life lost because of water pollution.

With this in mind, beverage companies have come up in large numbers offering a fortune on bringing water bottles on the ideas that it’s clean and safe from pristine. For the last few years, bottled water has been doing well in business, although it has been proven that the bottles course environmental degradation, landfill wastes, and human right abuses associated with bottled water. For your family and you to get safe, clean water, there are better options.

Additionally, under the act of safe drinking water, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of United States of America is responsible for setting the national drinking water standard for the public. The EPA controls more than 80 contaminants such as arsenic, chlorine, and lead that should be in drinking water. However, having all these measures by EPA, one also needs gadgets like filters to enhance the safety of drinking water. A water filter is a device used to remove unwanted substances like the harmful chemicals and bacteria from water through a chemical or biological process or even physical barriers.


GE (general electric) is mostly recognized for making home equipment, such as stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, and stoves. It is a multinational conglomerate based in Boston Massachusetts. They operate in fields such as global research, aviation, and healthcare. GE has been shortlisted among the most profitable corporations.


GE Electric Refrigerators

Among the many appliances produced by GE, it is likely that the most marketable products are refrigerators. The refrigerators are of different quality compared to their various prices, so every person can afford them because the prices vary. These products contain a long thin water filters that are usually hidden from the sight.

The GE RPWFE Water Filter

Being the latest offer filtration of water for refrigerators, this replaced RPWFE water filter, and besides having the same size and shape, this filter has an added advantage because it has got a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip. This chip monitors the status of filtration, and it can detect water linkage it’s located at the back of the filter course is very thin. If the refrigerator can’t recognize the radio signal, then it cuts off the water flow.

RPWFE water filter

The RPWFE water filter cartridge uses the radio frequency identification that detects the filter status of the monitor and leaks. The FCC technology has been certified. One should replace the cartridge after every six months because, by this time, the water flow to the icemaker or dispenser has decreased. Likewise, there will be a status message indicating whether there is a need to replace the water filter. There is also the indicator light on the filter that normally illuminates on the screen in case there is a need for any replacement. In filter replacement, the old cartridge should be removed by letting open the filter door and pulling the bottom part for an outward swing. Avoid twisting the cartridge by pulling it gently from the cartridge holder. 

Moreover, while installing the cartridge, make sure that the top part of the cartridge is well aligned with the holder. The FRONT word should be facing outward as you push it to the rear and ensure it is well seated. It is imperative to note that one is not allowed to twist the cartridge. Swing the cartridge filter inward to position it, and in case it does not swing easily, check its alignment as it could be the problem. In the cold dispenser, run at least two gallons of water for air removal and then reset the status message.

Key Qualities

This device does not cause any harmful interference and readily accepts operational interferences. 

Water is vital for human consumption but consuming unfiltered or contaminated water could lead to adverse consequences. Therefore, ensuring that we consume cleanly filtered water is critical as were required to drink a considerable amount of water to keep healthy. Nowadays, not all water is quality or safe for human consumption as most of the water has been highly polluted due to chemicals and waste products deposited in it. Bottled water is somehow expensive but a better option for those looking for clean water. The key thing is to have a water filtration system that is clean and efficient. Although piped water is treated, it’s not 100% guarantee that it has been well filtered. The refrigerators are therefore there to offer reliable water filtration solutions to homes.

Evidently, the GE RPWFE water filter is currently one of the best filtering systems due to t its efficiency and availability in the market. The specifications and quality of this refrigeration come out as one of the best across the globe. The RPWFE filters have been manufactured from materials that are of high quality that filters the water so well. The chemicals such as heavy metals and other components such as mercury and lead are well filtered out.

The ibuprofen trimethoprim, progesterone, fluoxetine, and other pesticide residues are likely to be found in some of the water sources. They are most common in the potable water in the world and usually require an advanced filtration system for the filtration process. The waterborne microorganisms present are as well filtered. The filtration system is, however, able to retain the important minerals in the water. The GE café refrigerator contains a filter canister that can be easily replaced with a GE RPWFE. This canister is fitted with a nozzle to enable easy installation and attachment to the fridge’s filter slot. It is nonetheless not required to have the removal of the whole unit for this installation. 

The replacement requires at least a dimension of 1.8 inches by 9.8 inches with a weight of at least 7.2 ounces. These dimensional measurements have made the installation work easier. The GE RPWFE offers a warranty of at least six months that covers both the replacement as well as repairs. The terms and conditions however apply. The cost of the RPWFE replacement will depend on a vendor with an average of at least 48 to 52 USD. The price is a bit high, but one should appreciate the fact that the canister can last for six months that save money and water gallons. Besides, the clean water one gets is highly beneficial and therefore worth the investment.

The GE café refrigerator can also give the consumers well-heated water when it is connected to a single water line. The auto fill that does not require one to press on the filter or hold a glass is also a beneficial feature that saves time.You only place the water container on the dispenser’s tray and it automatically fills it. There are also sensors that are fitted to detect the levels of water as one fills the containers. The thermostat on the container controls the speed, and a soft sound is made when the defrost turns on or off. As the ice cubes drop, one can hear the clunking sound for a couple of seconds.

The GE Water Filter RPWFE 

The GE Filter RPWFE is one of the most innovative filter systems across the globe. It comes in a fragile and long bottle, but because of the different shapes of bottles, the bottom part comes in different forms,. Due to the high price associated with the filters, some companies such as the Sculpture sell the RPWF and RPWFE replacement features. The features offered are remarkably inexpensive.

Also, these filters use the RFID technology in the refrigerators. Both the RPWFE and RFID have been fitted together with an easy to remove sticker. By removing the sticker, and placing it in another position, the refrigerator can use the off brand filter. However, the chip sends a signal indicating that there has been a filter replacement. The refrigerator will, therefore, continue notifying you on the need to replace the filter. However, this move is advantageous for most of the customers as it is cost effective.

Excelpure Replacement Filter

The Excelpure Company is a manufacturing company that works on removing the RFID stickers from a GE RPWFE filter onto their own. The company educates its customers and directs them on their product manual. The company’s filter has the natural coconut activated and can remove at least 99% chlorine and odors. The filter is as well capable of removing metallic organs like arsenic, lead, and chromium.

This filter has an improved taste of water because it uses plastics that are BPA-free. Just like the General Electric’s, it can last for up to six months as well as filter up to 300 gallons of water. While the filter looks like the GE’s, there is a notable difference because the Excelpure’s filter hardly filters the pharmaceuticals. Nonetheless, the difference is not very adverse since tap water rarely requires this filtration.

Tier1 Replacement Filter


The Tier1 mostly focus on RPWF and does not deal with the refrigerators requiring the GE RPWFE filters. They have clearly indicated that their filters will not work on the RPWFE and GE. Tier1 is cost effective for the customers that have the GE refrigerators and are not willing to spend at least 50 USD for a water filter. They are readily available at the Amazon ranging from $12 for a unit and $22 for two packs. The NSF International. has approved the filters. The Tier 1 filter can lessen the taste of chlorine and its odor, metallic particles, sediment, as well as silt. Nonetheless, it does not filter heavy metallic components or pharmaceuticals.

Filter Elements


The manufacturers use an extensive range of the filter elements for either horizontal or vertical pressure filters. They are mostly manufactured with 3 or 5 layered design that has been bolted, and riveted according to specific needs. There are also some filter elements that have been put together with the filter cloths. There is a number of filtration processes that manufacturers use for the same. Such filtration is the molten sulfur filter, pulse jet candle filter, tubular centrifuge, rotary brush strainer, horizontal plate closed filter, and circular vibro screens.

For the filtration process some applications are required as well. The resins, glucose, fatty acid, electrolyte, Ni-catalyst, sulfur, crude oil, as well as activated carbon. 

Tubular Centrifuge


It’s a high-speed clarification and separation for a continuous separation of liquids that have density differences. It also separates the small quantities of the impurities from the liquid.


GE Refrigerater water Filters


This is the most active on the market, the design and its features are intended to offer both effective filtration and easy to operate. These are some factors that lead to its effectiveness.

Premium Filtration System


This is the ability to remove various compounds including pharmaceuticals such as ibuprofen and other 15 contaminants which are found in water. It Is able to filter out Living compounds including microorganism together with heavy metals like lead. This filter can spare some of the important minerals including chlorine ensuring that you don’t miss the essential minerals during filtration.


Broad Compatibility


Weight and dimension

The whole filter has an average weight of 7.2 ounces measuring 1.8 inches by 9.8 inches. This lightweight makes it easy during installation time and during operating the fridge door.


This mainly depends on where and when you are buying the gadget, although it ranges between $48.00 to $52.00, this sounds expensive but compared to the convenience and effectiveness, it is worth the price.




Although in most cases the filter works accurately to a period of 6 months, it has got 6 months warranty in case of any damage hence declaring 100% effective.

Factors to consider when looking for the best refrigerator water filter.


For most companies, they do manufacture filters for their own refrigerators,. However, in times of replacement, one can opt to change to other company, and henceforth one should consider the following;

The type and kind of chemical that a certain filter eliminates,; this is because not all sources of water do have same bacteria, and you would need to use the kind of filter that eliminates the chemicals found in the water of the area you want. This can be verified by checking on the NSE National Sanity Foundation) certificate; this is a non-profit foundation that validates products like refrigerator filters to make sure that these companies are up to standard on meeting the water purification. It is also good to consider that the lifetime of your water filter can differ based on material and size,; for a normal household, an average water filter can last up to six months. You will need to replace your filter frequently depending on the size of your house.

RPWFE troubleshooting and operation 


The bottom part of the refrigerator uses the radio frequency identification that can identify any leaks as well as monitor its performance. In the event where there is a need for one to replace the filter, it is imperative to do it. The filter cartridge is well fitted on the left side corner. In case the water filter fails to work, it is important to check the following.

Check if the bypass or filter has been correctly installed, the FRONT word is normally at the front. One must ensure that he or she is using the right filter or bypass. Following the instructions on the package. is imperative. In case the filter has been incorrectly fitted, the chip can detect. The dispenser will read “Leak detected”..” A genuine RPWFE will have a chip under its label. In the event where you discover a leak, the dispenser will automatically shut off. 
The GE RPWFE is one of the best and most used brands that have a highly sophisticated system. The system acts on the chemicals as well as other pollutants. It offers clean and high-quality water to the consumers that ensure that the water is healthy. 


· It has a six-month warranty and is replaced afterward.



· Guarantees fresh and healthy water with a good taste


· The cost is slightly high


It is imperative to follow every instruction indicated to ensure that the system works accordingly. Note that using hot water dispenser before purging out air is likely to cause hot water spurting and scalding. During the initial flush, the water could appear discolored for a few minutes which is okay. While water leakage can cause damage, the risk can be reduced by filtering the bypass plug in case the cartridge is unavailable.

Some models may not have the bypass pug, and that is when you can find one in the stores. During the product installation, there is a risk linked with chocking. Therefore, children below 3 years must not be allowed to be around in case they swallow the small particles. To benefit fully one is advised to use the GE appliances only due to their reliability and good performance.

These appliances have met the NSF regulations for quality and safety. To decrease the risk connected to the ingestion of contaminants, avoid microbiologically unsafe water. Likewise, read instructions before installing to reduce the flooding risk. Complying with the plumbing codes during the installation process is important.

NSF Certification 

It is an organization that was founded in 1944 for the promotion of good sanitation. It has the mandate of bringing the manufacturers, health, and sanitation sector together. These professionals are normally from the industry, government, academia, and the public to administer and develop the performance standards of various products. It has its own laboratories where the products are tried and approved.

The manufacturers are required by the law to submit their products for authentic evaluation. In the event where these products pass the test, they are certified. They are now allowed to put the NSF seal on their literature and label. NSF is one of the most thorough and accredited agencies across the globe. Besides, it’s a registrar for ISO and WHO that ensures that water is safe for consumption.

Online stores

By visiting sites like one can view various GE water filters of different kinds, and by a click of a button, Amazon does the delivery either by shipping whereby in many cases they give special offers or even to charge shipping expenses. Also, the refrigerated water filters are available in stores in the US.

Ways of replacing the refrigerator water filter cartridge.

Place the piece of cloth beneath the old filter  to catch final drops of water that might be there.

Hold the old filter and turn it on the left until it stops, while slowly pulling it downwards from the filter head, try to keep the filter at a level that will avoid the spillage. At times the air is trapped inside and on occasions like this, you will experience hardship when removing the cartridge in the filter head.


Evidently, the GE RPWFE water filter is currently one of the best filtering systems due to t its efficiency and availability in the market. The specifications and quality of this refrigeration come out as one of the best across the globe. The RPWFE filters have been manufactured from materials that are of high quality that filters the water so well. The chemicals such as heavy metals and other components such as mercury and lead are well filtered out.

The ibuprofen trimethoprim, progesterone, fluoxetine, and other Pesticide residues are likely to be found in some of the water sources. They are most common in the potable water in the world and normally require an advanced filtration system for the filtration process. The waterborne microorganisms present are as well filtered. However, the filtration can retain the important minerals in the water.

The GE café refrigerator contains a filter canister that can be easily replaced with a GE RPWFE. This canister is fitted with a nozzle to enable easy installation and attachment to the fridge’s filter slot. It is nonetheless not required to have the removal of the whole unit for this installation. 

The replacement requires at least a dimension of 1.8 inches by 9.8 inches with a weight of at least 7.2 ounces. These dimensional measurements have made the installation work easier. The GE RPWFE offers a warranty of at least six months that covers both the replacement as well as repairs. The terms and conditions however apply. The cost of
the prefer replacement will depend on a vendor with an average of at least 48 to 52 USD.

The price is high but one should appreciate the fact that the canister can last for six months that saves money and water gallons. Besides, the clean water one can get is highly beneficial and therefore worth the investment. This canister is fitted with a nozzle to
enable easy installation and attachment to the fridge’s filter slot. It is nonetheless not required to have the removal of the whole unit for this installation. 

Take out and throw the plastic cap in a new filter, fill the replaced filter with water, place it inside the cartridge holder by bringing in line the arrows on your filter with the cartridge holder. Slowly push the filter upward to involve the top of the cartridge in the filter head. Twist the filter into right direction until the filter cartridge twist to the end. This will automatically position the cartridge.

Once it has been fitted, trapped air must be pushed out of the system. Take water from the dispenser selector and press the pad until water begins to flow. It’s normal for first water to sputter to air inside; you should water out at least 2 gallons to make sure all the air is out.

Installing the Filter Cartridge

The cartridge should be centered using the cartridge holder with the word front facing outwards. Make sure the cartridge is seated by it inward. The red indicators should not be seen. By continuing making sure the cartridge is at the center and fully seated gently, you swing the filter inward until it is positioned. If it doesn’t swing smoothly, then the alignment might have a problem.



While the level of pollution has continually gone up and caused adverse consequences, there has been a need for solutions to resolve the same. Water pollution has unfortunately led to a massive destruction of aquatic life and caused diseases such as cholera and diarrhea. Research shows that a significant number of people continue to die each year due to problems associated with water pollution. As a result, The GE RPWFE water Filter Company has come to help minimize or eradicate these problems by ensuring that there is clean water for consumption. It filters water off impurities such as mercury, leads, and other organic chemicals that are harmful for human consumption. It is readily available and easy to use as one is not required to have the technological knowledge on how to use it at home. Besides, there is a consumer guide that gives information on how to use and replace a filter cartridge. In case one is unable to do so, there are technicians equipped with the knowledge for the same.


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