A Review of the GE GXRLQR Water Filter

Product Name:GE GXRLQR Water filter
Model No. :GXRLQR
Weight:9.1 ounces
Batteries Required:No
Dimensions:2.2 x 2.2 x 8.6 inches
A Review of the GE GXRLQR Water Filter
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The GE GXRLQR Water filter is hailed as being one of the best filters on the market today. Granted, getting an excellent refrigerator water filter can be a challenge, especially if you are not so sure of what specifics to look for.

Today’s market is saturated with numerous brands and models of refrigerator water filters.  The good thing is that with the right information you can still get a great refrigerator filter to suit your needs. If you are searching for a great filter, you’re in the right place.

We have taken the time to research and and try out many brands of refrigerator water filters and came up with encouraging findings. However, let us start by considering briefly the importance of this component before we look at the features, pros, and cons of the GE GXRLQR Water filter and why it’s considered one of the best refrigerator water filters on the market today.

Why is a refrigerator water filter important?

If there is one thing you shouldn’t risk is the health and well-being of your family. Contaminated water can be a serious health hazard to your family; this contamination can be in the form of the water dispensed by the refrigerator or it can also be in the form of the ice used.

You might have noticed that some people don’t pay close attention to the quality of water used to make ice in the fridge; this can be detrimental to the health of the entire family. Such ice is akin to drinking contaminated water.

Filters are the only sure way to remove impurities such as chemicals, pesticides, chlorine residue and sediments among other contaminants. Other than purification, refrigeration water filters play another vital role; they retain natural trace minerals in the water; a crucial quality that ensures your water retains minerals that your body requires to get from it.

Lastly, a good filter gets rid of the foul smell from the water.  Such smells can be a result of accumulated organic matter in the piping or might originate from the source of water or from the tank. Irrespective of the source, such smells can be major irritants.

Having said that let’s focus on the GE GXRLQR Water filter and what attributes make this a must-have filter?

For starters, this filter reduces contaminants such as lead, chlorine-resistant cysts and sediment with ease. What features give this filter a superior performance compared to other filters in its range?

Inline filtration

This feature ensures every drop of water is purified as it passes through the device. This means all the ice in the refrigerator is clean and free from any contaminants. This is a big plus to anyone who wants filtered ice for their beverages. With this filter, you don’t have to worry about your beverages getting contaminated by the ice since the water making the ice is itself filtered and purified.


In case your refrigerator doesn’t come with built-in filtration, you can still count on this filter; it attaches easily to the existing refrigerator waterline. With this in mind just know you don’t have to get rid of your cherished fridge just in case it happens to be in this category.

Premium filtration

GE GXRLQR Water filter is one of the few filters out there that promises and delivers premium filtration. To break this one down it simply means this particular filter is certified to reduce many of the critical contaminants that pose the greatest risk to your health. It effectively reduces lead chlorine-resistant cysts, asbestos, and five other contaminants.


One of the challenges that most people encounter with other refrigerator water filters is their overall life span. This means one has to keep incurring replacements costs. The GE GXRLQR Refrigerator Water filter offers a six-month filter life; in
fact, it is recommended that for best filtration results you should have this filter replaced every six months.


• This water filter is easy to install as long as you follow the instructions.

• The twist and lock mechanism provides for easy filter changes without tools needed or water shutoff.

• Once the filter has outlived its lifespan the water flow slows down to a trickle alerting you that it needs to be

• The filter’s compact design makes it fit nicely in tight spaces.

• The NSF certification adds credibility to the quality of this filter.


· Just like with other filters, you have no way to tell how effective the filter is in getting rid of the contaminants it says it
does. However, the NSF certification easily resolves this.

In Conclusion

Now we see why the GE GXRLQR Water filter is a favorite among many users. This filter gets rid of all the major contaminants including chlorine-resistant cysts, asbestos, and five other major contaminants. Let’s not forget this filter also gets rid of bad smells from your water and delivers contaminant-free ice to your refrigerator. If you are contemplating buying a refrigerator water filter, the GE GXRLQR Water filter deserves your attention.

GE GXRLQR Refrigerator Water Filter Overview

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