GE MSWF Refrigerator Water Filter – The Good The Bad and the Ugly!

Product Name:GE MSWF Refrigerator Water Filter
Model No. :MSWF
Weight:8 ounces
Batteries Required:No
Dimensions:2.3 x 8.7 x 2.3 inches
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The worst thing about water pollution is the fact that not all contaminants are visible. What’s worse is that some actually survive the extensive purification processes and unwittingly make it to your tap. For these reasons, the importance of investing in a water filtration system could not be emphasized enough. Refrigerator water filters are especially important. This is because in spite of popular belief, keeping water in the fridge does not get rid of all, if any, of the contaminants hiding in the crystal clear water.

Now that you have an idea of just how important these filters are, the next thing is to figure out which are the most effective units on the market.  The GE MSWF refrigerator water filter is considered one of the best combining effective filtration and convenient operation. Below are some of its features and design specifications. By the end of the review, you should have as much information as you need to figure out whether or not this unit will be joining your home food safety arsenal.

Features and Practical Specs Of The GE MSWF Filter

Premium filtration system

What is probably the most impressive feature of this water filter is the thorough premium filtration system it uses. The system consists of a carbon block filter medium setup that allows filtration of moth organic and inorganic compounds. It can filter and reduce minerals including lead and mercury as well as biological agents such as cysts. The system can also effectively filter out chemical compounds including herbicides.

In addition to these contaminants, the filtration system also helps to clear turbidity by filtering out macroscopic particles including dirt.  Finally, the premium filtration system has a deodorant effect and helps by removing the strong odor of chlorine in water. The final result will be pure colorless, odorless and completely tasteless water; as it should be.

GE refrigerator compatibility

With the GE MSWF refrigerator water filter, you are guaranteed fridge compatibility with most GE refrigerator fridge models. This includes basic side by side fridges and bottom freezer compartment models.

· Long filter life

The carbon block in the filtration system can serve you up to 6 months effectively after which you are advised to replace the filter cartilage unit.  Sometimes, the filter may last shorter especially it is used more frequently.  This usually happens with filtration of up to 300 gallons of water and what you will notice is a significant reduction in flow rate through the filter. If this happens, replace the cartilage even if 6 months aren’t over.

· Twist and lock setup

The GE MSWF fridge water filter is super easy to install and uninstall with the twist and lock design. As the name suggests, all you need to do is set it in place along the fridge water outlet and twist it in place to lock it. To remove it for replacement, simply twist it in the opposite direction and you are good to go.

· Other specs: Weight and water flow 

The unit weighs 1 pound and has a flow rate of up to 0.9 gpm.


– It is very effective as a filter.

– It is easy to install and remove.

– It offers long service with only 2 replacements per year.

– It is durable and low-maintenance.


– The replacement filter cartilages can be expensive.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

As earlier stated, the GE MSWF refrigerator water filter is considered one of the best market with a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 from more than 600 customers on People who have bought and used the product agree that
it is a worthy investment as the filter is really effective. The easy operation is also something that most appreciate.

However, this filter isn’t without its fair share of critics. One of the most common complaints is that of expensive filters. There are also a few cases of faulty units with slow flow rates especially after filter cartilage replacement. Fortunately in the case of the latter, this is more often than not a mistake during cartilage replacement and proper installation should help completely avoid this.

Final verdict

It goes without saying that with all the amazing features and pros to look forward to, the GE MSWF filter has earned its reputation as one of the best. You can rest assured that with this unit on your fridge, every crisp cold glass of water you take is as pure and fresh as scientifically possible. So if you are looking for your first filter or you wish to replace what you already have, you should seriously consider the GE MSWF refrigerator water filter.

Overview of the GE MSWF Replacement Water Filter

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